Android Essentials Book TOC – Free Books Download PDF

Android Essentials Book TOC – Free Books Download PDF Book


Table of Content

Chapter 1: Introduction                          

What You Need to Know to Start

How to Best Use This Book

Getting Started

Installing Eclipse

Getting the Android SDK

Installing the Eclipse Plug-In

The Android Project

Running, Debugging, and Causing General Mayhem

Chapter 2: The Application                            

Getting Active

Getting Splashy

Creating the Intent Receiver

Setting It Up

Seeing the Intent Receiver in Action

Triggering the Activity

Who Do You Want to Humiliate Today?

Nervous with the Service

Zen and the Art of Getting Even

Moving Data inAndroid

Shameless Self-Promotion

Adding Evil Corporate URLS with a Content Resolver

Chapter 3: User Interface                            

Easy and Fast, the XML Layout

Laying Out

Scrolling, Text Entry, Buttons, and All the Simple Things in Life

Waking Up the Widgets

Widgets in Java

Getting Under the Hood

Custom UI Rendering with the Canvas

Customizing the View

Creating the Game Loop

Bringing It All Together

Using the User Interface

Chapter 4: Location, Location, Location                  

Where Am I?

Building the Location Manager Object

Look Up, Wave, the Satellites Are Watching…

Google Maps

A Metric Ton of Map Objects

Moving the Map

Taking Stock

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane .Nope, It’s Bad Photoshoping

Wrapping Up

Chapter 5: Taking Android Out for a Walk                

Loading a List from the Web

First Things…First?

Getting the Network in Gear

Putting the Data inIts Place

Making a List and Checking It…

The Setup: Embracing the List

Adding the Adapter

Stuffing Data intothe Adapter

At Last, Adding the Data


The Next Step

Dressing Up the Menu

Looking Back

Chapter 6: Tying on a Bow                           

The Making of an Application

Looks Aren’t Everything, Except, of Course, When They Are

Location Isn’t Too Important, Except When You Need Pizza at 4 a.m

Taking Off Android’s Leash and Letting It Romp Around the Internet


Other Sources of Information

Getting Help

It’s Time to Stop Reading and Start Helping