Mobile Web Browsing Using the Cloud Book TOC – Free Books Download PDF

Mobile Web Browsing Using the Cloud Book TOC – Free Books Download PDF Book


Table of Content

1 Introduction
2 Related
2.1 Existing Work on Power Saving
2.2 Thin-Client Based Approach
2.3 Proxy Based Approach
2.4 Cloud Based
3 Motivation
3.1 Delay Issues in Web Browsing
3.2 Power Consumption of Web Browsing in 3G
4 Virtual Machine Based Proxy
4.1 System
4.2 Communication
4.2.1 Features for Opening Web Pages
4.2.2 Supporting User Interactions
4.2.3 Compressions
4.2.4 Adaptation Techniques
4.3 Design of VMP at the Service Provider
4.3.1 VM Management
4.3.2 Managing VM Image
4.3.3 Scalability Issues
4.3.4 Implementation Issues
4.4 Security and Privacy Issues
4.4.1 Security-Enhanced Model for the VMP Architecture
4.4.2 Asymmetric Encryption and Authentication System
4.4.3 Trusted Computing Module
4.4.4 Antivirus Scanning Service
4.4.5 System Overhead
4.5 Discussions
4.5.1 Supporting Interactive Applications
4.5.2 Deployment Issues
5 Performance
5.1 The Experimental Setup
5.2 The Web Page Benchmark
5.3 Experimental Results on Delay
5.3.1 Average Delay for Opening Benchmark Web Pages
5.3.2 Effects of Transmitting Multiple Screens of Data
5.3.3 Effects of Data Compression
5.4 Experimental Results on Power Consumption
5.4.1 Power Consumption of the Smartphone Browser
5.4.2 Power Consumption with Web Page
5.4.3 The Benefit of Performing Antivirus Scanning with VMP
6 Conclusions and Future Research